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The KMO (Knee Management Orthosis) has a single posterior joint and is cost-effective, patient- friendly and is a simple approach for static progressive positioning management of the knee.

The KMO can be used to treat:
- Chronic systemic conditions
- Immediate prophylactic protection at end range until treatment plans are finalized
- Contracture management
- CVA, TBI, SCI, CP, and MS
- Emergent lower limb immobilization
- Musculoskeletal injuries
- BKA (Below the Knee Amputation)
- Post botox or serial cast management
- TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty)
- Post-operative immobilization


  • Flexion stops: 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°

  • Single posterior joint design allows for quick fit

  • Patient friendly terry cloth liner system

  • Available in Adult Standard # 950 and Pediatric Standard #850

  • Pre and post operative management of bony and soft tissue injuries

  • Adjustable range of stabilization of the knee in the sagittal and/or the coronal plane

  • Static progressive positioning from 0˚ to 110˚ (additional ROM may be attained depending on size of patient’s leg)

  • Adjustable length from 12.50” to 16.50” (Pediatric) and from 17” to 26” (Adult)

  • Available models: Adult Standard #950 (#950S has plastic shells for added stability of the calf and thigh) or Pediatric Standard #850 (#850S has plastic shells for added stability of the calf and thigh)

Product Details:

Body Part

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
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